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Skate Park

Skate Park Project

Dollars Raised


$3 million


One of our big goals for the Mankato area is to implement a free outdoor public skatepark for all ages and abilities. We want people of all ages to be able to access a skatepark without the expense. We have a few location ideas but nothing concrete (pun intended). We do have the support from the City of Mankato! 

We have started forming a committee to help work on this project; if you'd be interested in taking part, reach out! We are working on a survey to send out to Mankato area residents to gain feedback from the community on what they want, too. Donations are being accepted and you can allocate your donation to be specifically for the skatepark if you choose. We are also pursuing a grant through City of Skate and the Minnesota Skatepark Grant Program. We are in the process of planning a big fundraiser event downtown Mankato for this project, too. Our goal is to make the skate park ADA accessible. 

We are accepting donations which can be done right on our website here or checks can be made to CERO and sent to 836 Sherman Street, North Mankato, MN 56003. Please indicate "skatepark" in the memo line so we know where to allocate the donation. Sponsorships with local investors and businesses is also something we'd love to meet with you on; please reach out! 

Visit City of Skate for more information about the grant we are pursuing.

Read about the Minnesota Skatepark Grant Program.

LATEST NEWS: CERO and the City of North Mankato came up with an agreement for CERO to occupy the North rink at Spring Lake Park in lower North Mankato in the off-season for a pop-up skatepark!! It was voted on and approved at September 5th's City Council Meeting. We are so appreciative of Mayor Carlson, Kevin McCann  and the rest of the City Council Members for allowing this to happen. We will begin moving some equipment into the rink over the next few days and weeks with the tremendous help and guidance from members of the skating community. We are partnering with the crew from the DIY skatepark under the Northstar bridge to make sure this pop-up skatepark is welcoming to all and a great space to skate while we continue working towards the big goal of getting a permanent location for a free outdoor public skatepark. This is a big opportunity for CERO and the skating community and we are super excited to make it happen. CERO pop-up skatepark is set up and is used frequently. We also had our first fundraiser there on October 29 and though it was cold, we had a great turn out. Stay tuned for more fundraising opportunities. 

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