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Shotski Event

Join us for an exciting event to claim the world record for the largest shotski.


Skis donated

42 skis

500 skis

We have set out to break the World record for longest shotski! 

The concept of the shotski is delightfully straightforward. Picture each ski with three, four, or five shot glasses affixed to its surface. Hundreds of skis are connected end to end forming a chain of adventurous folks. Standing united, they lift the shotski like a portable, mini-table to their collective faces and, as a synchronized drinking machine, savor every last drop of liquor in the shot glasses. But beware, for any individual who fails to complete their drink faces a playful consequence—the nature of the shotski guarantees that any remaining liquid gracefully finds its way to the amused recipient's face.

The current record title is held by The Shotski's Bar in Eagle River, Wisconsin. They used 468 skis and had about 1,200 participants. Their official length was 2,454.95 feet long. 

Do you have old skis you're looking to get rid of? Don't throw them away! We'd be happy to take them off your hands; contact us! Once we know we have enough skis, we will set a date! So stay tuned how you can take part of this quest to beat the World Record!

All proceeds from the Shotski event go towards raising funds for CERO
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